Learn A Few Handy Facts About Traveling To Denver, Colorado

Travel To Denver

Many different reasons might bring you to Denver, Colorado as a guest or visitor. It could be a professional conference or convention. You might be coming to see family, or you might just be on vacation. Whatever the case may be, there’s a few things you should know about coming here before you do arrive or even make travel plans.

First of all, this city is populous and yet remote at the same time. It does have nearly seven hundred thousand residents within its borders, and the larger metropolitan Front Range statistical area of nearly twenty counties is home to over four million. However, after that, it gets not just rural, but even desolate. There’s no city as large as Denver in any direction for over 500 miles.

So, if you’re planning on driving in on one of the few Interstates coming into the city, plan on a long boring drive, get full tanks of gas when you can, and possibly crash the night somewhere along the way. You might even want to take a passenger bus or train service.

Of course if you’re coming from far enough away, you’re more likely to just fly. This is actually quite easy to do in Denver, given the world-class airport and many flights taking off and landing every day. Denver is not quite the geographic center of the Lower 48 like Kansas is, but it’s not too far west. Most any flight here will take three hours or less.

The interesting part is that if you’re flying from the east, the flight might not even ‘happen’ in one regards. If you come from the Eastern Standard Time zone on a two-hour flight, then it’s very possible you’ll take off at 4 P.M. local time and land at 4 P.M. Denver time! Coming from the west coast only means moving ahead one hour, too, so jet lag is very uncommon for travelers here.

Two things that visitors do need to worry about are weather and the atmosphere. Most healthy individuals can acclimate to the thin air within a day or two, but if you’re coming to do something physical or athletic like hiking or skiing, you might have to lower your expectations of what you can do unless you’ve trained really hard already. Also, snow can happen any time during half the year, so be ready for that from late October until even as late as April.